ADVISORY – Check if your Passport has been Surrendered by Your Employer to Saudi Authorities and Turned-Over to the Embassy or the Consulate


12 May 2013

ADVISORY – Check if your Passport has been Surrendered by Your Employer to Saudi Authorities and Turned-Over

to the Embassy or the Consulate


(RIYADH, 12 May 2013) – Filipino workers who absconded from their employer and whose employer had surrendered their passport to the Jawazat office may check with the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh and the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah if their passport has already been turned-over to these two offices.  You may check online or by phone, and as a last option in person.


The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has over 27,000 passports in its custody surrendered over the years by Saudi authorities, while the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah has about 12,000 passports surrendered.

About 20% of the passports being sought by Filipino workers are found to be in the Embassy’s custody.  For those whose passports are in the custody of the Embassy or the Consulate, they may apply for an extension of the validity of the passport for one year which costs SAR 80.00

There are several ways to check if your passport is in our custody:

    1. By Web – Check the Embassy website ( and use the search tool for surrendered passports.   Click on the image below, and enter your last and first name.  The tool will immediately indicate if the passport is at the Embassy.


  1. By Text – Text “Surrendered Passport” and your last name and first name to mobile number 056-989-3301. You will receive a text to confirm if your passport is with us or not.
  2. By Phone – Call telephone number 011-482-3816 or 011-480-1918.
  3. In Person – Come personally to the Embassy or the Consulate.

Filipinos are advised that passports in our custody will only be released to the person it was issued to. The Embassy will not allow representatives to claim other people’s passports.

All Filipinos are advised further that the Embassy does not charge for the return of the passport, and they should not pay anyone to retrieve their passport.

For those in Jeddah or under the jurisdiction of Jeddah, they may send a text (SMS) with their full name to 0555-219-614 or drop their name at the Consulate gate for verification.  (END)



  1. Maxilyn Penos

    im not found…pls help me to do so…

  2. florita

    Dear Sir. I’m interested to work in your company if you have vacant job for women.I work before from some school here in the kingdom,if you can arrange my papers i’m willing to work in you company.

  3. Redin Domingo Caboboy

    I inquire personally to the Philippine Embassy consulate and requesting my passport but until now no reply from your part sir, Im hoping to correct my status and transfer my sponsorship before the deadline end, My name is Redin Domingo Caboboy thank you very much.

  4. samsoden guro

    i found my name in web pls forward to jeddah consulate name Guro, Samsoden Mustapha this my number pls txt if my passport here in jeddah consulate thanks you God bless you 0559341845

  5. i found my name samsoden musatpha guro pls forward to consulate jeddah thanks you very much txt me if my passport coming in jeddah consulate 0559341845

  6. I check my passport via web but the results is “not found”…I already have an employer and willing to be my sponsor,,can you please check my passport Sir, my name is Yoleen Guanzon..thanks a lot

  7. I want to know if my employer surrender my passport,my sponsor is in riyadh,

  8. norodin mangansakan alimao

    i am norodin mangansakan alimao please helf me for assist.that my passport are surrendered in your office.
    my company is hadi trading establiment , and they have a address.riyadh k.s.a.- p.o box #1667 fax#(1)-4027855.

  9. norodin mangansakan alimao

    and my cp#00966566394961

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